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Daily Archives: April 6, 2012



Hope, Maine rehab for
elephants, retired, injured
sweet Rosie first one
Hope retirement home
elephants injured, nerve damaged,
will find solace there
custom regimes rule,
education,  conserving
social atmosphere


I googled “hope” and found the
site about the elephant sanctuary
Hope, Maine,Founded in April 2011
Hope Elephants has been written
about in the newspapers and
Downeast Magazine,
with tv coverage also. …
there was a long list of publicity.
I chose Downeast Magazine for my
reference… with tv coverage also. 
I have not visited there.  I
chose it to write about for “hope”
for the prompt because it piqued
my curiosity and I would stop by
an see what they are about if I was
near there (with the price of gas,
no impromptu trips just for fun) . 
This was Founded in April 2011
so Rosie is not there yet.
I read the information on their
web site and on Facebook.