back in the day when it was
important virtue
Lower your voice, speak
in well modulated tones

Mother said often
Do not scream, or yell
use your telephone voice my
Mother would say to me
clarity was there
able to understand words
Mother insisted
Not lady like, rule
to speak in crude tones or swear
Mother lived her rule
Speech clarity was
important, for Mother could
not hear well, this helped
Telephone voice brings
clarity, modulated
tones clarity
I look back, fifty

five plus years later, smiling:
Mother was correct
Peace and quiet help
understanding clarity
Mother knew,  I know .


The words in bold blue are words, phrases that
are part of my soul now….direct quotes from my
  I hear them spoken in my thoughts.
I hear myself SAY them.  My mother insisted
that she be called “Mother”… not “she said,”
or calling Mother “her” even if Mother was sitting
right next to me !