Raccoons are like cute little pups,
They go asleep when the sun comes up.
Waking up when it gets dark,
Playing rough they sure do bark.
Sleep all day and up all night,
You have to play with them just right.
Your clothes might get a little ripped,
Maybe also you’ll get gentle nip.
They are funny and are very clean,
Most people think they are mean,
But they really do make great pets.
I know you’ll like them I do bet.
So just give it a little try,
They are cute when they cry.
They will climb up upon your lap,
Or lay with you when you nap.
4/15/2012 Betty Ann Townsend
Tonight there is a full moon,
Hoping we can meet real soon.
If you want me to be your doll,
All you have to do is call.
Then we can make a date.
Never coming home til late.
Hoping I’ll be the one you hold,
Never letting our love be sold.
All please hold me tight,
I can’t wait for this night.
So I can be the one close to you,
Our time together is way pass due.
Then when we leave each other,
We’ll know then it was worth the bother.
Our love will be faithful and true,
Never letting each other sad and blue.
4/8/1987  Betty Ann Townsend
It sure was lonely here today,
What else can I say?
You couldn’t even answer the phone,
So here I sit sad and alone.
The day is coming to a end,
Maybe I will receive the love you send.
But if not I will try to deal,
Try to get over the way I feel.
Sadness now is feeling my heart,
Since all day we were apart.
Hoping you were thinking of me,
ALL I want is the three word to hear or see.
4/13/12  Betty Ann Townsend
why is when im lonely all i want is to cry,
i’m so lonely and we didn’t even say goodbye.
your voice is all i want to hear,
since you cant be near.
hearing the sweet words you always say,
whispering in my ear as we lay.
holding me in your loving arms,
i know i will never be in any harm.
closely we lay although the night,
in your loving arms you hold me tight.
softly kissing me on my lips,
running your fingers down my hips.
looking into each others eyes,
showing us our love will never die.
4/15/12  Betty Ann Townsend

I was so happy, a  joyful day,
I heard my sweet babies say: 
Mama,doggie and cooing sound,
The biggest smiles I surely found.
The two sweetest baby faces,
Gram tired to keep up to her pace.
Out in the yard holding her hand,
Sorry sweetie Gram don’t have no sand.
A box of toys came from upstairs,
They both have lite blonde hair.
Gram was shocked her toys she picked up,
Almost drinking from a sippy cup.
She sure is a busy little girl,
Neither of them have baby curls.
Eyes so bright and also blue,
Seeing my babies were way pass due.
I tried so hard not to cry.
But I had tears when I said goodbye.
I gave both my angels a goodbye kiss.
Now my kids will be truly missed.
4/20/12  Betty Ann Townsend
Happy timesthere will always be,
The biggest smiles we’ll always see.
Hand in hand we’ll walk together,
In our lives there will  be no other.
I am yours and you are mine,
Candle lite dinner with a fine wine.
The love we have is so strong,
Having to find a special love song.
That will become our very own,
Hearing it we would then start to moan.
As we dance across the bedroom floor,
We’ll want each other more.
It’ll be a blessed day when we finally meet,
We’ll always then lay beneath those satin sheets.
Never being alone again at night,
We’re now together and everything is alright.
4/22/12 Betty Ann Townsend
I met Betty Ann Townsend on Facebook
through mutual friends.
She lives in Pennsylvania, works in a nursing
Betty has two adult children, a daughter, 33, son 32
two step-grandkids and 5 grandkids.
We message back and forth almost daily.
When I couldn’t spend time with her as often
as I had, I explained it was because I was
working on prompts for Poetry month and reading
the posts of other poets.  That is when she
shared with me that she too wrote poetry and
has for a long time.  I asked her to share some
of her poetry with me and she did.
She does not have a blog so I got permission
to share some of her poetry here on my blog.
Betty’s first two poems can be found on my

The April Heights – Day 29 – #141 – POETS CHOICE