I met a poet
who kept writing a secret,
shared writings with me
She writes from her heart
in her unmeasured meter
heartfelt and winsome
Her caring heart, soul
speaks volumes on paper or
when read aloud, shared
I met Betty Ann on Facebook.
We message back and forth almost daily.
When I couldn’t spend time with her as
often as I had, I explained it was because
of working on prompts for poetry month
and reading the posts of other poets.
That is when she shared with me that
she too wrote poetry and has for a long
time.  I asked her to share some of her poetry
with me, and she did.
She does not have a blog so I have permission
to share these here for poetry month.
Two Poems by Betty Ann Townsend
                            with permission
Every time I hear your voice
I get a smile on my face,
A smile I’ll see
when I’m in a gown of white lace.
Laying in your loving arms,
I feel like a lucky charm.
To have the man I love so much,
Wanting just to feel his loving touch.
To have you always close to me,
That’s how I want it to always be.
One day soon we’ll be together,
Yesterday, today,
tomorrow and forever.
Betty Ann Townsend  4/28/12
Thought running through my mind,

Hoping someday our love would find.
Always wishing you were near,
Then I could whisper to my dear.
Hoping someday it will be real,
I’ll never pass up a good deal.
All you have to do is dial,
Or send a letter in the mail.
Then we can make a date,
I know you’ll be a real good mate.
A day that we been waiting for,
When you come knock at my door.
I think you will be the best,
We’ll just take our time then rest.
Enjoying each other while we can,
Laying here close holding hands.
Betty Ann Townsend  4/28/12


About Betty Ann Townsend
From Pennsylvania.
Married with one son, one daughter
Favorite quote:  Life’s too short.  So live everyday as if it was your last !!!