Zest: a tasty treat
Grandmother loved candied zest
Orange lemon, lime
Imagine lemons:
fresh lemonade…taste the zing.
Zesty, flavorful..
Zesty baked chicken
orange or lemon, oh my goodness
Tastes delicious.
Insipid’s  not zest
by any means, Mother*
didn’t know best here.
Savory or sweet
flavors in layers, soooo good
zest, zing, zip: Gusto !
* It’s a bit of exaggeration on
insipid for my mother’s cooking…
Mother used onion, salt and pepper
to the max … just the right amounts.
We didn’t know any better than
spaghetti made with spaghetti,
tomato soup, hamburger and
cooked in a skillet.☺.
I had an awakening when I left
home and tasted flavors in the
real world !  I thought I was literally
being poisoned with my first taste of
meat loaf with green pepper in
it !  I can remember how excited
the cooks’ wife was as she offered
me a taste !  Thank goodness for
my polite upbringing…I’m sure
I must have said something
flattering without making a face!
(maybe, maybe not !).
After I left home, Mother’s cooking
took a turn for the better … Mother
became much more adventuresome
and was known for some delicious
meals prepared for company.