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Daily Archives: May 7, 2012


It is of old bones. It’s an exhibit in the National Museum of Scotland in their ‘prehistoric’ section.


Wrapped in a ball
weary bones.
Mixed with others,
how did that happen? Sigh.
My body feels like a pile of bones. 
Old bones. New bones.
Bones that have met with a saw
Petrified bones, weathered bones.
There’s a Super Moon,
barometer’s changing.
Damp weather to dry weather.
What’s the difference. 
Youth can roll themselves into a
graceful pile of bones.
Aged…if they can get there,
there is no straightening without help !
Go with the flow,
do what you need to
for yourself.
Life is shortLive well.
Comfort, hiding, fetal position.
Each has a need to be there
some days.
Wrapped in a ball.

for 100WCGU


It was a clear night,
the deep cobalt of the sky
gave a chance to see
the winking stars align,
dotting the sky with v i b r a t i n g light.
The hook of each dipper was clearly seen.
The contrast
of the night sky and the stars
with an  emerging super moon
would look elegant
tomorrow morning
 when the presses
would grind to a halt,
with the print of the photo
on page one.

wordle 55

by brenda w  This week’s words were lifted from the pages of my daughter’s Teen Vogue magazine.