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Daily Archives: May 10, 2012


Household machines and I don’t get along
too well.
  It’s not a mutual love affair.
I love them, time saving and handy:
they seem to want to test my love
at every turn.
VCRs mystify me…
my husband #2 was in the hospital
years ago.  All he asked was that
I tape a program for him each night.
He loves machines,
and had three VCRs to tape “his” shows.
Well, the first night he was gone,
I deprogrammed all three…!
My resolution was to stay up
til it started
at midnight, hit “start to record”
I woke up the next morning when
I heard the tape hit the end and rewind !
The same hospitalization,
I did something to the washing machine
that needed a call to “Browns” the store
all appliances come from, for a repairmanSIGH.
the trusty repairman
My list goes on and on.
Some machines and I get along quite well.
Those that I don’t fair well with,
I’m not allowed to touch !