My present cache’ of marshmallows. Peeps are too tempting,
only special treats so I don’t have any for the photo.



white or flavored... strawberry,  lime,   lemon  or  orange
I keep them handy for a quick snack or a trick to my taste buds
before taking my pills !
Large marshmallows for s’mores or roasting over the campfire
(have you ever roasted marshmallow Peeps…
they come in great colors and
all the seasons have them now …
they make great treats or  s’mores, you know !)

Home made marshmallows are forbidden…
too tasty and addicting…creamy and wonderful,
easy on the taste buds, and a WoW treat in
hot chocolate on a cold winter day.
The word “campfire” for many means
a fire outside for cooking.
For me, “Campfire” is a brand of the very best
and tasty marshmallows….and next come the Peeps !

I could go on and on, about my special treat,
how to roast them over a fire,
light and toasty brown, or set on fire, and burnt
just right…and catch them before they fall off
into the fire !
Marshmallows are good soft and fresh, older and
chewy, melted or right out of the bag.
My mother and her sisters would have a Thanksgiving
treat of marshmallows on baked sweet potatoes.

Marshmallows come in so many flavors,
chocolate, pumpkin, minty or toasted coconut
to name a few.
Then the shapes of flags and stars, pumpkins,
footballs, hearts, shamrocks and puffy clouds.
Jumbo, mini…or regular sizes,
all have their place in my taste buds profile.
Marshmallows, for me,
the treat of the fairies and leprechauns
…and of course the Girls Scouts and their s’mores ☺
Back many years ago, like 1975,
when I was fond of wearing Baby Love
(baby powder scented perfume) and
Vanilla scented body oil on pulse points.
My car coat was a fashionable green fake fur.
I felt really good that night.
I went into a store and one of the male clerks
said to me:
“You smell like a bag of fresh marshmallows !”
I replied:  “I hope it’s Campfire marshmallows !”
The greatest compliment:  smelling like marshmallows !
The memory still makes me smile today.