Downeast Maine Sunset Oct 7, 2012


Dearest friends from long ago
I thought of someone almost daily,
wondering what was happening
in your lives.
Were you happy, sad ?
Do you have children, grandchildren ?
Has your life been happy?   Sad ?
A mix of joy, sorrow, sadness ?
Where do you live now…
have you been near and I never knew?
Have you lived where you grew up
or traveled the world ?
Have you found your soul mate,
or has fate been less favorable ?
What ever happen when we lost contact,
our lives together just fond memories ?
We traveled far and wide.
For me, fate brought everyone to me in
a short period a few years ago.
I couldn’t believe it…
my best friend from Junior High,
cousins I admired and thought
had forgotten me,
a roommate from nursing school,
I missed so much, and could never
forget…each time a song from Elvis,
or a photo of him in a favorite
restaurant, would trigger the memories.
Dearest friends from long ago.
I treasure the memories we made,
treasure more the connections
we have now,
sharing our present,
learning of the past,
creating a present
even though the miles separate us.
It IS hard to believe the number of years
that passed so quickly…
from 1958, 1950 something, 1965,
and 1967.  Who would have thought….
and that isn’t everyone…
50 year reunions are bringing the past
to present and renewing old friendships.
Can’t be that long…fifty years or more ?
can’t be…is-be.
I don’t feel like a “Nana”
or have peers that are great grandparents.
Can’t be.  Is-be.
Hallelujah !
Praise longevity, health and the continued
common bonds.
Grandparents that remember little girl faces,
giggles and fun, movies, dances,
swimming in summer, and ice skating in winter.

Or for the oldest, we were young adults
who thought “old” was forty…almost 70 meant
black tie shoes, aprons and hairnets, back in the day.
Time has flown, friendships have endured.