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New Jersey Food Drive. Please Help.

Friends… if you knew my family were in need, and I asked you to loan me 5 bucks, would you do it? For those of you who thought “sure, I’d help Kellie and her family out”, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I come to you with my plea… Instead of giving to me, I ask that you make a one time donation of that single 5 dollar bill to my food drive that will benefit the residents of New Jersey.

As we begin making our holiday plans, buying our turkeys and cranberry sauce, we should remember those who suffered the horrible devastation of Hurricane Sandy. In this time of thanksgiving, we should be even more thankful for our blessings; for the roof over our heads, the running water and heat to warm us as the temperatures steadily drop. Consider the millions who do not have these luxuries that we often take for granted. There are currently 3 million residents without power and damages have been tallied at $50 billion dollars. 

I have launched an online based food drive in which you may choose one or more items to purchase and assist the Community FoodBank of New Jersey. I encourage you, when you are in the grocery store shopping for your stuffing and sweet potatoes, you will keep these people in mind.For as little as $5.00 you could make a big change for a family in New Jersey.

It’s easy to help! Visit my Hurricane Sandy Food Drive homepage then, click the “Donate to This Drive” button and select the food you want to purchase to donate to this drive. At the end of the drive, the items you purchased will be delivered to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey for you and you will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Please share this online food drive  via your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs etc.) Thank you for your support!

Information on The Community FoodBank of New Jersey

Your generosity will be rewarded.


Kellie Elmore

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