Photo from recipe card for “Pepperidge Farm pear and dried winter fruit stuffing”. ………..ADD: 1 cup chopped dried fruit (peaches, figs, PRUNES and/or cranberries). It is a tasty dressing but prunes are not my favorite dried fruit. I must have, as a child, said something nice about the prune dressing just one time and it mistakenly became my “favorite” dressing.


“I made this Prune Dressing just for you and you didn’t have any…you said it was your favorite.”

Get a grip.  No points there. 

Then came the sweet potatoes with the marshmallows on top… new twist, maple syrup and pecans.


Enough sugar to send the grand kids into a frenzy… or to the dentist next week.

In comes Suzy with the layered lemon/lime Jello with cream cheese and maraschino cherries…

at least I can pick the cherries out.

I want chocolate.  Everyone trying to impress someone.  But who ?

“So this is a cook off for the inheritance?  Is that what you’re saying?”

But I have a secret:  I spent my children’s inheritance long ago…. 🙂


.Prompt is in Bold type.  114 words.

Jenny Matlock