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Daily Archives: December 22, 2012

Mother~Daughter Talk
Hard Hearted Hannah Goes to Walmart

Hard Hearted Hannah close to tears.
A cyber message  tugged my tear ducts:
“I just said ‘Merry Christmas’ to a stranger at Walmart…
she looked like my mother” was posted on facebook.

Distance makes for bittersweet moments when
at times each wishes they were at home together.
Messaged:  “BIG SIGH…and won’t “puddle”…..”Love you
Back came: “It’s ok …I puddled and the lady was nice ….”
Modern days, have modern ways:
instant sharing, instant messages. phones have cameras.
It’s hard to learn the techi ways of the very young, young, and teens.
Life is changing so fast…too fast for me…two steps behind, more each day.
Rallied back with  “Love you sooo much !”
Easier than talking……can’t see me now, tears stay put, sighs are big.
Neither can travel this Christmas Season, with the economy and all.
Life…happens while we want to make other more wonderful plans.
“Her hair was just like yours, glasses and a purple coat….
“I’m off to Walmart…I’LL LOOK FOR ‘YOU’ THERE.”
“Be back soon.

Three hours later arrived back home…that’s soon for me.
“I looked and didn’t ‘find’ ‘you.’ ”
THEN looking at new fangled versions of “back in the day,”
I heard a comment.  “support garments, layered, who’d wear ’em?” 
….”takes me back to being a teenager. Wore ’em all !” I laughed.

I looked, looked a second time:  lady with blue eyes,  long blond hair,
pretty smile, closer than the “twin”…
so I told her your Walmart remark.
Just like you
would,  she said:  “oh, my hair, I didn’t fix it today…powers out”
she gave me a hug and said to wish YOU a Merry Christmas !.
“I took two hugs !”
She left with a smile…I had one, too, and my spirit felt a lot lighter
“Awe… God answered my prayers!
came back at me.    Me, too, I thought.
Eery co-incidence ?   Don’t think so….
Believe it or Not !

Linked to dVerse Poetics
We are asked to think of presents/presence.
Today my daughter and I had an intermittent “conversation” on Facebook.
She from Texas, I in Maine.  Third Christmas apart, but we’ll go to church,
not together, but will be together in spirit while we are there.
The events of presence actually happened and became a present of the
spirit during this holiday time. 
My daughter has a friend that people call her “twin”, mistake each other often as the
“wrong” person.  To me, this person looked more like my daughter than the “twin.”
I tried to write in the spirit of the prompt…let me know what you think.
Wishing all a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday Season for those of other beliefs.