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Daily Archives: January 2, 2013


A personal note to the first haiku.
A friend expressed this sentiment
on New Year’s Eve day.
I put it first and then added the
more cheerful New Year haiku.

fire works in poor taste

few days after  two murders
small town thinks gun fire
fire works glorious
world celebrates the New Year
Peace, Good Will, to all
Eastport drops Sardine
BangorMaine cheers with Beach Ball
That’s no Bologna ! *
*Lebanon, Pa…The 16th annual New Year’s Eve bologna drop
was held for welcoming 2013 …

Top Ten Unusual
10. Bermuda Onion
9   Conch and Sushi    (Sort Of)
In Key West, a giant queen conch
     will be dropped atop Sloppy Joe’s Bar ….for the 20th time.
     A few blocks away,
    Key West’s famous drag queen Miss Sushi
    gets lowered from a giant stiletto pump.
8   Sardine: from tallest building, 3 stories
    after it’s dropped, people line up to kiss it
    for good luck
7   Pickle
6  Tortilla Chip
5  Bologna
4  One M for M/M two cities
     In Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania a
giant red M&M is dropped at 7:p.m.
     At the same time, another M&M
     is dropped in Elizabethtown’s sister city
     Letterkenny in Ireland (where it’s midnight).
     Elizabethtown is the
home of M&M Mars Inc.
3  Moon Pie
2  Giant Peep
1. Dead Carp…

   Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin ….
   weirdest possible item to celebrate the new year.
   A real dead carp, caught by local fishermen
   is hoisted up then lowered onto a throne.
   The carp represents the town’s fishing industry
   (plus it’s considered lucky in Chinese culture —
    to everyone but the fish).
   The DOA carp, nicknamed “Lucky”,
    has a tree planted where it is buried
    with a commemorative plaque
    listing the carp’s name and year.
Information from:
The Ten Weirdest New Year’s Eve Ball Drops: Pickles, Peeps, and Fish

By Laine DossMon., Dec. 31 2012 at 7:00 AM

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