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Daily Archives: January 9, 2013

images reflect

looking back to long ago
five mirror images
five mirror images
camera caught unaware
genetic pool same
genetic pool same
great, grand, mother, daughter, babe
five mirror images

Sensational Haiku Wednesday




Almost a January thaw
near 30 F,
icicles melted
broke off
roofs have jagged teeth
instead of fangs.
Bianca, my cat,
decided that maybe
she’d honor me
by taking a nap…
not on my lap
but stretching from my
shoulders to my lap.
It’s difficult to do anything
with her in that position,
so covered us
with a lap robe,
put the laptop away,
turned out the light
and joined her.
She, after a couple
of hours,
suddenly decided when
it was time to wake up,
jumped up and headed
to the kitchen for a snack.

PS  Happy Birthday,
Elvis, I know you

are “In The House”

Any “Elvis Day” or sighting,
I always have fond memories of my
roommate from nurses training…
she is still a die hard Elvis fan,
I being a convert because of her.


Bianca studiously ignoring me…looks like she is trying to peak and see if I am still there with the camera☺


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