Peaceful and sacred,
silently the soul takes flight
open the window
open the window
the soul flies to the heavens
slight smile, corner mouth
slight smile, corner mouth
slight whisper of “I love you”
peaceful and sacred
Each culture, country or community
has its own tradition regarding death,

and in Downeast Maine, it is a custom
at the moment of death, or when it has
been discovered a death has occurred,
to open a window in the room to allow
the spirit to flow out of the room.
Working as a RN and as a hospice
volunteer, it is important to know if there
are any customs that will bring comfort
to the person at the end of their life,
and for the family,  Those customs,
religious or cultural are observed at the
appropriate moment.

for Wabi Sabi


#2 death:   Apple of Freda’s Eye


asleep. cat on lap
subdural hematoma
caller ID helps.


Her voice was so quiet, all I could
make out from
phone call was
“subdural hematoma”

called back and talked to Freda…
a sudden, unexpected death Jan 12, 2013
Howard and Freda
life long sweethearts, soul mates still
until forever
Howard a teacher
the  apple  of Freda’s eye
apple  fresh in thoughts
Howard’s  telling jokes
can you hear angels laughing ?
stars twinkling response ?