Unrelenting pain
from having thought
too hard,
too looong,
treading mental water,
leaving skid marks
the backs of  my eyeballs
know  they are there…
I can feel them.
can the pain
be little leprechauns
doing pushups
on my eyeballs
and sinus’s ?
Light hurts.
Dark hurts.
The phone.
Someone called,
I left the phone
…it will
beep, ….beep,……… beep
til I get up
to see who called.
How can I,
who cannot

hear the phone ring,
continue to hear the
 “beep, …. beep,………beep
that gets louder and louder
like water torture’s
drip, drip……PLOP !
if I ignore it ?
Being deaf has some
until that high pitch
of the phone
disturbs my trying
to relieve
the brain pain.
(before cell phones,
it was sometimes
in the dead of night…
the in…cess….ant
“beep, beep, beep”
over, and over, and over,
of the snow plows
across the street at the school,
my reminder,
“school’s open,
get the kids up and out !
….Sigh.  Big Sigh.
With the memory
of back in the day.
The odd thing being,
I do L♥VE Roadrunner.

Phantasmagoric ,,, definition:

(Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia) 1. Pertaining or relating to a phantasmagoria; of the nature of phantasmagoria; illusive; unreal.

(Wiktionary) 1. adj. Characterized by or pertaining to rapid changes in light intensity and colour. 2. adj. Characterized by or pertaining to a dream-like blurring of real and imaginary elements.
(WordNet 3.0) 1. adj. characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions
It’s Laurie‘s last week…thank you for all your hard work.
Peace and best wishes in the future.
the imaginary garden with real toads