The Prompt:

My name is Anna Elizabeth Graham
and I’m your host today for Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft.
I am asking you to experience what Coleridge called,
 ‘a sort of transfusion and transmission of my consciousness to identify myself with the object’.
Along these lines you may write a persona poem, an ode to an object, about the concept of negative capability or demonstrate it in other ways.
Use another’s language, world view, turn of phrase, or style.
And in the words of Mary Oliver,
‘I would rather see an ambitious though rough poem than a careful and tame poem’ so be brave and take some risks today.
I am so clueless, but inspired by the other blogs I wrote that as I was heading get a good nights rest, I had an idea, and stopped in my tracks and wrote it before I forgot it.  Do not know if it is what the prompt expected, but I took Mary Oliver’s words and gave it my all.

Blue Sparkles Goes
to the Hospital
I know I am loved.

She tells me every day.
But it is a constant worry
off to the junkyard
I go at a moment‘s
When I was ill,
she took care of me…
they said it was a rare
my pistons looked
like they’d been shot.
With two new transplants
I feel like new
and running smoooothe
as a new born, well
who wants to be that young
a second time.
I’ll go for mature adult !
She’s on a strict budget…
I worry…money’s tight.
Euthanasia.  Sigh.
She has a habit of falling
and I guess I take after her.
As soon as I’d recovered
from the shot pistons,
lo and behold,
I stumbled in a hole
and bent my rim…
I didn’t mean to do it,
but it’s Spring…
pot hole heaven
in Maine…
I worry, and worry.
What if the next time…
I get traded for a
younger model.
Mr Harmon’s boys
fixed me up with
a brand new rim…
they don’t make them
out of steel like they
used to.
She didn’t cry or yell
at me
or tell me “toodles,
Blue Sparkles”
like I feared.
THIS time.
Had a bit of a face lift
today, fancy new blades,
two in front and one in back,
winter ice and snow
are just as bad as the
heat in summer
lookin‘ perky again !
I live up to my name.
People admire me
as they walk or drive by…
they mention my beauty
and how I sparkle
in the sunlight…
between snow storms !
Spring has arrived,
and it’s time for new
adventures on the
Downeast Highway !
Yippee !
But will I get to go this year?
Money is tight and I’ve caused
so much grieve in such a short
Will she  think I drink too much,
am prone to flying rocks…
I just missed seeing the Harmon
boys again…

Double sigh.
Can’t blame it on being SAD
Affective Disorder ),
Depression any more.
I’ll try being good for a while
and count my blessings
while I can.