The Somesville Library. Somesville, Maine.

The artists use the room at the back by the steps…windows full length

of the room…with a view of the mountains, Somes Sound, the Mill pond

to the side, and a quaint Maine Street and Iconic bridge.

Those are for other days, other poems.



Fireblossom Friday — Location, Location, Location!
This time, I want you to write a poem
in which the physical setting is integral to the poem.
You might choose a natural setting, or a man-made one;
a beautiful setting,or a not so beautiful one,
just make sure that the “where” of the poem is a vital
part of it.
Write an original poem adhering to these simple


Turn of the century library,
Monday and Fridays home for artists
to be together in community feeling
free to create without of judgement.

Year ’round, the 6 or 8 painters
gather to paint, when the weather
doesn’t permit plein aire.  It is a
blessing to be able to use the library.

The library feels like kind souls
have left their spirits here,
next to the mill pond,
with the mountain view.
A place where diverse souls gather
with a common bond of art…beginners
to professionals and in between.
Home is where the heart is…
Our hearts and souls feel at home here,
amongst the old and new books, the

tourists that drop in ask to use the WiFi,
and with each other…home away from home.


You are among toads

You are among toads.