Buck's tomb.

Colonel Buck’s Cursed



Close-up view of stain on tomb.



Bucksport’s cursed tombstone


cemetery mystery


looking for clues ~ foot stain


The “tomb” of the town’s founder,

Colonel Jonathan Buck,

(Bucksport, Maine)

features a mysterious stain —

the image of a woman’s stocking foot or boot.

The leg stain on the memorial, according to legend,

came about when Colonel Buck burned a witch

and her leg rolled out of the bonfire.

His heirs tried to clean the foot off the stone

 and are said to have replaced the monument twice

 — but ..the foot ..kept.. coming back.

Field review by the editors.

Bucksport,   Maine

When I rode by the cemetery on September 21, 2013

I could see the image from the car.  Siggi