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Daily Archives: September 27, 2013

© Bethany Preble (grandmother)

William Aubrey Carter on the Holiest of his days…his birth, 9/11/2013….

With his parents,   Josiah and Autumn Carter




four generations .

working together ~ one goal .

birth ~ nine-eleven




Inspired by the   9-11-2013   birth

of  William Aubrey Carter, 

his mother, Autumn doing the holy work of  labor and delivery

his father, Josiah Carter, coaching

his grandmother, Bethany Preble,

and aunt, Stephanie Preble-Vikberg, RN assisting

his great-grandmother, Rev. Joan Preble praying nearby


William Aubrey Carter 9/27/2013….© Autumn Carter

.Photo: Just a sneek peek at one of  many of Williams newborn pictures :)

Late post for 9/12/2013