(C) Saradunn 2013

Looking towards Downtown, across the Union River Bridge and up and around Bridge Hill.

Half way up the hill, there is a “Y” or “fork in the road”, that continues

on to the right to Bucksport, Maine,  and to the left, Surry Blue Hill,

and Stonington, places I mention as I write.



Happy New Year 2014


Wishing everyone

a wonderful and prosperous

year to come !


I live in Maine, USA 


apologize for the lateness

of this wish.


We have experienced unusual

weather for the Downeast Coast of Maine, USA

An Ice Storm with power outages,



a day time high today


below Zero F

with dangerous wind chills.


Those who know me

are aware that my beloved

Bianca, the cat that represents me when I post,

passed away in October.

Last week I found a fur baby at the shelter:

Another Norwegian Forest cat mix,

but reversed coloring…

mostly black.

Her name is Blaze S’More


May we all Thrive  and Prosper

in 2014