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Wearing pink kimono gift from Mariko Kitakubo, performing our tanka sequence (published in Bright Stars 3 in Japanese and English) Hakone, June 13, 2014



Monday June 23, 2014 tanka prompt:

gifts from friends 

by Kathabela Wilson
During our journey (to China and
there were many gifts I brought along
that reminded me of the person who had given it to me.
And there were many gifts given during the trip
that assumed new symbolic importance.
What gifts do you have that …. have …. deep meanings for you.
Whenever you look at them or use them,
 they glow with the person that they came from.
 Can you place them specifically in a tanka to carry that glow?


My response to the prompt
6/23 Gifts from friends
handmade book
gift chosen with care
to wear over heart
itsy bitsy blank book  necklace 
pages signed  ~ best friends forever
The tiny booka a gift from a member of 
the Senior Center Writers Group,
Ellsworth, Maine, USA
Peg Rudolf White
6/23 Gifts from friends  handmade book gift chosen with care to wear over heart itsy bitsy blank book  necklace  pages signed  ~ best friends forever . note: A gift from a member of  the Senior Center Writers Group, Peg Rudolf White
  for Tanka Poets on Site, Facebook



(c) 6/2014 Saradunn fence guarding drop off to culvert and stream, Northeast Harbor, Maine, USA



2   fence
old and weary
worn with decay
safety sentinel 


5   flood
library hushed words
could hear a pin drop
then heard gush of words



photo (c) 9/19/2011 Brina DeBeck  Trenton, Maine, USA, plein aire, watercolor on YUPO by Saradunn


3   foxsitting pretty
tall grass ~ tree stump camouflage
red haired beauty

1   found
put some place safe
a clue won’t be found soon
hidden in plain sight
4   finch
finch in plain sight
munching away at feeder
cat views with desire


(c) 2014 The Art of Sigrid Saradunn  w/c on YUPO study of eagle seen flying over field Lamoine,ME, USA

5/20 prompt:   eagle 
soaring overhead
joy of spring in flight
squirrels quiver


(c) 2014 photo flag flown over Afghanistan The Art of Sigrid Saradunn



6/20 flag


flag from war zone
relects in neighbors window
what pain has it seen


a friend had given it to my neighbor…
it had flown in Afgahastan


blue flag iris
by Asticou pond
blowing in the wind



morning alert
construction disruption
ducklings cross street


Fri 6/13 full
honey moon color of gold
supersitious look upward
and down ~ no black cats




Credits: Tokyo Hot Springs


….our prompt is Hot Springs and is a very clear prompt I think

so I don’t have to explain it. Here is the haiku which Jane Reichhold uses as an example for this kigo.

hot springs
not far from the desert sun
fire spirits

bubbling hot springs
in dry desert sands
fire opals

soaked in hot springs
crystal-filled waters
home in the stars

© Jane Reichhold

….I  (Kris. P. our host) wasn’t inspired to compose a new haiku on this prompt, but I thought “I have to share a haiku, so I have sought through all my haiku”, but couldn’t find a haiku on this prompt. So I love to share a haiku by Basho:

yuno nagori   kayoi wa hada no   samukara n 

tonight my skin
will miss the hot spring
it seems colder

© Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

Posted by 



my response to the prompt:
Hakone vacation
life time thrill in Mountains
hot springs delightful
………………………………  Saradunn

Earlier in June, Kathabela Wilson

on Tanka Poets on Site,  facebook,

had a similar prompt during her

travels in Japan.  


My tanka post on the hot springs

in Hakone:


Hakone’s winding roads
mountains ~ lakes iconic scenes
beauty on every turn 
hot springs bath -Mt Fuji in view
after midnight ~ couple shares best bath



When I lived in Japan, the hot spring
baths were divided by gender.
The women’s bath was plain and
utilitarian, the men’s much nicer
and luxurious.
The hotel clerk said the men’s side
was seldom used after midnight and
we could both use it then. (it was huge
and room for many people).


Kathabela Wilson  wrote in response to my post

about the hot springs baths:

“They are divided by gender in our bath also
though the upstairs indoor one is larger
and also has a room for a couple. ….
The open air sunken outdoors ones are so beautiful .”


Dear friends, I had severe computer problems for several months

and finally broke down and got a new laptop… hope to be posting

on a regular basis again and reading your post too…

Blogging and posting and working my way thru the reading of

posts became a chore and no longer fun… Now I am hoping things

will be fun and joyful and on a roll again !







photo from the Peeps photo site


Wednesday June 11, 2014 prompt: the details of celebration 

(traditions made by you or others) from Takayama, Japan

(my response tanka at the end in blue)


(Walking into the immense exhibition hall

of intricately carved wooden “floats”

in Takayama the variety and beauty

of human celebration gleamed

amidst glass reflections of amazing detail.


When they are in action,

twice a year the floats

are pulled across the red bridges of Takayama

and through the streets with traditional music

and is a great and beloved spectacle. 


Many have large marionettes

 as part of their carvings,

 one float takes eight puppeteers 

to enact the traditional gestures. 


There are in all of our personal histories, 

detailed traditions that are dear and intricate, 

and many that we ourselves create, 

and repeat, 

more private, personal, 

but with the same kind of powerful significance 

that grows with repetition, 

and becomes more intricate. 


When we were in the giant glass exhibition hall 

I was reminded of my tradition of saving broken things, 

my clear jars filled with colorful wonders, 

the collection growing more intricate

 (and humorous- it even contains my two small red cameras 

that stopped working with their lenses stuck out on our last trip to Japan! )


The clear glass viewing jars 

seem opposite and miniature 

and yet in tune with 

the glorious spectacle before us. 


Also the celebration of friends 

about to happen tonight, 

came happily to my imagination. 


During the visit in Hakone, 

where we travel today, 

some traditional meeting details 

will be enacted for sure. 


Mariko Kitakuboand I 

will one of the days where our “twin dresses” 

(costumes of celebration) 

we bought together on Catalina Island. 

I have the kimono she gave me in my suitcase… 

and there are other happy gestures 

that are details of our play. 


Kris Kondo will also join us, 

and I will wear the fantastic earrings 

she made as part of my costume. 

All the details and objects of association 

become like family treasures, 

cherished and brought out 

especially for the occasions of our meetings. 


What detailed traditional objects and ceremonies 

have you created yourself,

simple or elaborate,

that have strong associations,

meanings of the heart for you?


Also family traditions

that are unique to place and personal creation?


How do they open in meaning and power in your tanka?)


Kathabela Wilson's photo.
Kathabela Wilson's photo.



visiting “the sisters”
swimming and yummy cook out
cheers for S’mores 
santa’s, pumpkins, goblins chicks 

peeps and chocolate sublime
note: “the sisters” are my 3 sister in-laws
and I fondly call them “the sisters” when
referring to them together

(cKathabela Wilson  ..May 23 prompt: reuniting with old friends (Yiwei Huang, Shanghai, 2014)
Friday May 23, 2014 prompt: reuniting with an old friend on a journey
by Kathabela Wilson
(One of the highlights of this trip happened already!
It was to meet with Yiwei Huang.
Yiwei, a young mathematician ….
home from Singapore 
where he was getting his Phd 
was assigned 3 years ago 
to show us his home city of Nanjing 
and to lead us up Yellow Mountain. 
Our glorious adventures 
and our poetic collaborations 
joined our hearts, 
and he has translated hundreds 
of your tanka written for Tong Zhang 
and performed them a year ago 
for her by visiting with a power point. 
Now he is beginnng more translations 
of your newer tanka on her art. 
He is here for the conference 
and the joyous nature of the reunion is evident.
 What have been your reunions on your journey? 
We also have already had the joy 
of reuniting with Johannes Siemons, 
who was our host two years ago in Tuscany 
where we lived with him for a week
 in the 14th century stone house 
he restored there in the small village in Caprio. 
We have traveled many times with him, 
our ideal traveling companion 
and to be together is a joy and inspiration. 
How have reunions on your journey
been important to your life and art,
how do they sing in your tanka?
#1 Tanka reply:
journey reunions
not always what one wishes
exciting phone call
travel for hours ~ and then ~
still don’t enjoy her company
* Note:
Maine is a long state…I live
mid-way on the Downeast Coast
and after a days work, traveled
3 hours to meet someone in Porland
I hadn’t seen in many years ~ thinking
maybe we both have changed with age.
Then i just left and went home
~ but at least I tried, and now I know.



#2  Tanka reply:
phone call out of blue
good grief ~ half hour away
have RV will travel
will we recognize each other
he looks like his dad ~ I like mine !
I was a teen, he in his twenties
when we last were in the same place.
Our fathers were brothers.
We spent two wonderful days,
my cousin and his wife,
my husband, adult daughter and
her chidren,
reminiscing about times we spent
together and learning about each
other and our families.


(c) 2014 A neighbors window reflects the American flag 6/6/2014

70th anniversary of D-Day.


Remembering D-Day
Seventy years
countries pride never waned
hero’s remembered
Thanks to all who gave their lives
and those who lived to relive
battles with heart and soul





(c) 2014  Gary Blankenship … lily for the buoy project with Sigrid Saradunn


Gary Blankenship is a poet and artist from Bremerton, WA.  
We met on the facebook Not 5-7-5 NaHaiWriMo
haiku and Tanka Poets on Site.  
We also shared a joint art project decorating a lobster buoy 
for a charity auction.
When I read his haiku on WNV I asked him permission 
to share them which he did. 

  WNV Shorts
(West Nile Virus) 
a buzz in my ear

the mosquito
does not know the damage
he causes

asleep on a hammock
I should hear the buzzing
of my life changing

tomato in standing water
little black specks
hatch into my life

and a Tanka
Carefully arranged
In her honor
He orders his house servant 
To replace them with driftwood