from the Cole Land Transportation Museum


The Prompt:  Tanka Poets on Site, Facebook
Wednesday, July 2, 2014 prompt; “a field trip” 
curiosity in new world that widens your perspective
Kathabela Wilson
(June Wayne would have loved our group and our visit to her show today. I
t’s diversity, enthusiasm and curiosity looking into her inspiring world.
 In fact she herself had a flair for creating and inspiring groups 
such as ours to met and explore new things. 
Her broad, immense talents applied to her 75 years career, 
till her final days at 93, were sparked by curiosity into every field, 
combining art, science, poetic thinking, 
she made paintings, lithographs and immense tapestries. 
She had a gift for combining such things as DNA chains, fingerprints 
and inspiration from Hokusai’s Great Wave, 
and cosmic imagery with visionary strokes of genius. 
 “I know it’s strange to hear someone my age talk like this but I am very curious” 
she said. 
How has your life and perspective been widened by curiosity? 
How do you explore the details of science, the unknown,
 and combine the diverse cosmic discoveries annd technologies in your tanka. 


My response to the prompt:
Galen Cole’s dream
walking sticks for veterans
four war eras
reflective stickers ~ maple canes
each era cane distinctive

World War II veterans who participate in Bangor’s Memorial Day Parade each year
also have a red-white-and-blue sticker with the year on it placed on their walking sticks.
This year, museum volunteers were on hand before the start of the parade with a new sticker
created especially for veterans of the Korean War, Vietnam War and Global War on Terror
who marched or rode in the parade with their walking sticks.
Several hundred veterans turned out for the parade last month,
bringing their sticks to be adorned with the reflective stickers,
and museum founder Galen Cole said he hopes that those who weren’t able to take part on Memorial Day
will bring their walking sticks to the Fourth of July Parade and get their 2013 sticker then.
The walking stick program at Cole Land Transportation Museum was planned as a one-time project
on Memorial Day 1999, with 500 maple walking sticks made by Peavey Manufacturing to be given
to World War II veterans to help boost their participation in Bangor’s patriotic parades.