there was a neighbor<br />
let grass grow long and shabby<br />
folks got angry<br />
a sight that made sore eyes<br />
he didn't budge ~ was a grudge</p>


There is the old saying, I know. “the grass is greener…” 

it is an interesting one, 

and sometimes literally true, 

as well as metaphorically,

and can have to do with appearances and perceptions 

as well as “reality” of course. 


We ambled on the Ambler grounds here, 

around the Wilson house, 

and came to a place where the grass was distinctly greener,

 in a small valley where water must have been. 


It reminded me that from the air, 

flying into Philadelphia, 

I noticed shades of green

that seemed to come from my Northeast childhood, 

and my “forest heart” responded. 


Where have you felt, 

or seen a greener green, 

and how does it, 

how has it affected you? 


tanka prompt:  grass is greener
there was a neighbor
let grass grow long and shabby
folks got angry
a sight that made sore eyes
he didn’t budge ~ was a grudge
Kathabela Wilson’s image (c) 2014