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Daily Archives: July 27, 2014

Bruce Kenneth and Sigrid (Gerstner) Butler … November 7, 1964.


Prompt:   Wedding Details, what makes it personal
Kathabela Wilson
We have been at two weddings of our nieces in two weeks. 
Both were very personal, expressing the character and vision of each couple. 
Today’s wedding reminded us of our own, 
because the couple performed themselves, voice and guitar, 
for their guests as the main part of their ceremony. 
This was even more than a detail. It was a beautiful centerpiece. 
They love Celtic music and perform together in bands at pubs. 
Sara sings and Zak plays various instruments. 
At our wedding Rick and I performed a full length concert over an hour, 
and luckily we had enthusiastic applause… 
because the encore–was the 5 minute wedding ceremony. 
Every wedding has innumerable details. 
What were yours? 
What special touches expressed your personalities. 
Or what weddings have you known that did this–family, friends? 
This wedding the couple placed a wonderful globe in view so we could all make our mark on it.
I would love to have you share if your wish in comments any Wedding Details
that made your wedding personal.
Or of  weddings you have been to that have done this.
My Response to the Prompt:
sunny warm fall day
walked to church 
carried veil
Julie’s tiara with pearls
bustles ~ with white roses 
woke on Sunday
snow covered  world
car now white
rented ~ what color ~ make~
that’s hubby’s job to find
headed home
to Mom and Dad’s
no room til after two
Sunday morning brunch
with visiting family

Bella, chihuahua guardian puppy.  photo (c) Barbara Kelly, Austin, Tx, USA


prompt: lions, snow lions, foo dogs, guardian creatures

by Kathabella Wilson


This enchanting creature (see photo at end)

greeted us at the S&G canal border

 of Chesapeake Bay and Delaware on our recent trip

 – – feet from the canal at the harbor restaurant. 


We’ve all known many lions in our lives, 

and guardian creatures. 

How do we “handle them”? 

You can just barely see I was feeding this one flowers.

I’ve known many museum lions. 

I love this description of “snow lions” in Tibet, 

and their similarity to “Chinese snow lions” also called “foo dogs” 

from the USC Pacific Asia Museum website:


Snow lions are not like other lions, 

or even like the snow leopards of central Asia. 

Instead, they are said to be

pure white with a bright turquoise mane.

Snow lions are full of energy, 

leaping from mountain top to mountain top, 

not quite flying but also not quite touching the ground. 

They are said to be smart, always cheerful and delighted by life. 


With all these good qualities,

 it is not a surprise that snow lions are a symbol of Tibetan culture!


Pairs of snow lion statues sometime protect important buildings. 

In this way, they have a lot in common with the Chinese Foo Lions, 

sometimes translated as “Foo Dogs”, that protect this building. 

You can see three pairs of Foo lions 

as you walk through the museum doors 

and courtyard, plus one more pair is up on the roof.”


What have been the lions of your life, 

where do you find them, 

and how do they act in your tanka ?


My Response to the prompt:



door bell rings
delivery man
barking heard
man frightened, 
Chihuahua echoes
elderly woman
second floor apartment
feels safe
grown men afraid
Chihuahua’s bark ~ lion’s roar
tankas are about a true guardian 
chihuahua, in Kansas City, KS,
in the late 1950s.
(c) 2014 Kathabela Wilson …at the S&G canal border of Chesapeake Bay and Delaware