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Daily Archives: August 2, 2014

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Friday, August 1 tanka prompt: a window left open. what window have your left open

 or seen that way, what could come in or out


(On our journey I photographed this mysterious, inviting, provocative sight, 

the open window. I wrote of for the prompt “while”- “what you saw while something important was happening”


as soon as we met he called
to report a window open
on the highest floor
and it was starting
to rain


It is an intriguing moment, full of possbilities, 

I think. What windows have you left open, 

or realized were open, 

and what are the feelings you have about them,

 what could happen next? 

How do you leave the window open in your tanka?)



My response to the prompt

prompt: open window

following ambulance

through San Juan to hospital

traffic re-routed

dad there before baby born
locked car ~ left car windows down

KATHABELA WILSON:  August 1 prompt: open window (what window have you left open,
or surprised to see open, what could come in or out?
(photo by Kathabela, recent trip Pa, Delaware, Maryland)