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Daily Archives: September 9, 2014






Prompt: bee balloons

birds do it ~ bees too
even balloon bees do it
fall in love

holding hands at dawn
Up up and away to the sky



tanka prompt – hot air balloons – up, up and away (Gary)

For twelve years we have stayed at the Blue Ox RV Park

 in Albany Oregon for our grandson’s birthday. 

Just before his big day is the Albany Art and Air Fair, 

which we have been able to witness most years. 

The balloons ascend from Linn-Timber Memorial Park’s soccer fields 

adjacent to the Blue Ox over four mornings starting at about 6 am. 

Albany is a small event with only 35 to 40 balloons. 

(The largest in the world with over 600 balloons is at Albuquerque NM.) 

Usually, the balloons are standard hot air shapes, 

but this year there was nothing ordinary about one set of balloons.

Ascending this year with last place honors were the “Little Bees” from Arizona – 

Lilly and Joey tethered together and Joelly, 

the smaller kid (but still 50 foot. 

His parents are 100 feet each.) 

Two small facts – they are the only balloon group that flies together; 


Joelly’s pilot is the first paraplegic balloonist

What is your experience with balloons, 

even water balloons? 

And other flying craft, such as hang-gliders and experimental planes? 

Given the chance, would you go up in a balloon? 

How do your tanka soar using alternative power?

For pictures of shape balloons at Albuquerque go to

And for an article on this year’s Albany balloons, including Little Bee Joelly and his pilot, Michael Glen, go to



photo (c) 2014 Gary Blankenship used with permission

Gary Blankenship's photo.



9/8/2014 Super Harvest Moon
(c) Saradunn


tanka prompt: what’s on top


Yesterday, as we were arriving home from Japan, 

Gary  gave the prompt “little surprises” 

I was surprised that it was Tuesday (again) 

and right in tune with the prompt. 

It was hard to see on my phone, 

while we were getting off the plane, 

and even later, 

what was “on top” of the stack of rocks in his picture. 

I had to ask. 

A little tree. 

So subtle and sweet. 

It reminded me of many things 

we had seen on this journey 

and everyday life too. 

How what is on top of a building, 


a person’s head is important 

and there for a reason, 

sometimes accidental, 

often purposeful. 

Even when accidental, 

it often acquires meaning 

in the eye of the person looking. 


What is “on top” of you, your head, your house, 

something you see every day, 

something memorable in travels, 

or childhood, 

what does it mean and can the significance, mystery, humor,

importance come alive

 in your tanka?)



My response to the prompt:



For photo on 9/8/2014

above the world
gazing ball bright in sky
colorful aura glows
together in spirit
gaze together ~ Harvest Moon






TPOS Prompt: what’s on top ?
(of the tree next door)
bright lit sky
stars gleam with super moon

Wow amazing delight
more amazing I can see
when you are gazing too

Photo 9/6/2014




Photo 9/6/2014
Skies to be overcast
and stormy tonight 9/7/2014