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Daily Archives: October 15, 2014





prompt: Happy Hands \(^^)/
what you say to get a good photo
think happy happy
together for always
smiles light the world
day spent in idyllic setting
smiles for life is wonderful




Kathabella Wilson prompt

“happy hands” or whatever you say to get the picture…


(Somehow I had the idea, one day, to say “happy hands”!

This is what happens!

All the different personalities,

exuberant and sweet,

humorous and jubilant…’

come into play.

This was a wonderful celebation

the Friday Poets themselves put together

at our home for Kathabela’s birthday…

this is the finale photo. I said –“happy hands”

and look what happened.

What do you say when you want tp take a photo

that shows the personalities and spirit of a group…

and what do YOU think of “happy hands”??)