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prompt a natural embrace, 
how we hold each other. , hugs 

cradled in my arm
purrs contently
allows me to type
licks my nose
stares me down ~ the look
Blaze with the look
from across the room
,.. couldn’t get a “selfie”

Wednesday September 17, 2014

tanka prompt a natural embrace,

how we hold each other. , hugs (Santa Barbara photo by Kathabela)

(What are the significant embraces you feel see and remember?

As the bloom embraces its center we hold one another in mind and heart.

This endearment in all its manifestation in nature has become a greeting

a farewell

a virtual expression of connection and warmth.

In some cultures
It is central and in others it is private.

For some people it feels natural

others more formal or cultured by experiences might shy away. 

But the psychological embrace itself is the act of thinking itself. 

Discovery of connection. 

Poetic intuition. 

The sense of metaphor. 

What do you embrace in your life, in your tanka? 

How is it held there placed there as if by the force of nature , 

your own nature enveloped in the “hug” of words?)


deep rose
of bougainvillea
match white clouds that hug
the ocean shore




Sept 17 prompt (natural embrace, hug ( photo by Kathabela, Santa Barbara)

Sept 17 prompt (natural embrace, hug ( photo by Kathabela, Santa Barbar