prompt:   how things have changed
men’s hair cuts

at unisex beauty shops

mall hours

twas nice to hide away

curlers and perms not pretty



Gary Blankenship prompt for Tanka Poets on Line


Kathabela’s wonderful prompts for the last week have sparked

a lot of nostalgic tanka, childhood memories.

Much of it about how the world has changed.

My reference is 50’s when we still had black telephones with party lines,

wringer washers   (I caught my finger in ours more than once),

clothes lines, butter churns and push mowers.

In barber shops, the barber wore a white coat,

dispensed bay rum and a sucker to the kids,

and the town gossips lined one wall.

Typewriters were manual, computers were clunky

and bikes may have been brakeless.

There were frozen TV dinners, but they went in the oven.

There were three national television channels

and one or two local stations.

And each had a live kid’s show.

Ours were Sheriff Tex, Captain Puget, Stan Boreson

and No Mo, JP Patches and Brakeman Bill and Donkey

with the worse jokes ever. Most were icons.

If your era was later, you changes were different and today,

it seems there are more changes than in the old decades.


What changes have occurred from when you were a kid and now?

Which do you miss the most?

Some went through changes like the churn, oleo, color packs and on.

How has your favorite change changed?

Even poetry has changed with new forms

and modern version of the old?

How has yours evolved?

What will your tanka tell us about the changes –

too numerous to list in this short paragraph?