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Daily Archives: December 11, 2014



Solitude … my response


comfort of silence

. doe with fawn out back

. revelations dawn


I was unable to post yesterday

due to putting my laptop in the shop

I had written for the prompt

Carpe Diem #621, first light


dawn’s first rays

mountain top coast of Maine

smoke from wood stoves



From the prompt Solitude:

“….the prompt for today, solitude, another wonderful modern kigo extracted from Jane Reichhold’s “A Dictionary of Haiku”. Solitude …. loneliness, emptiness, isolation or silence, all synonyms for solitude. I (Chèvrefeuille) think I can write a nice haiku with this prompt, but let me first look at the examples of Jane Reichhold.
the shape of wind
writing in dunes

alone in the house
the flavor of peppermint
cold on the tongue

a journey begins
the way familiar
to the door


frozen to his feet
the length of a shadow
wanting to sleep
© Jane Reichhold
 our host writes:
the vastness of the heath
just the sound of fresh fallen snow
a cold moonlit night
© Chèvrefeuille
That wasn’t easy. As I started to ‘connect’ with solitude the first thing I felt was the loneliness of a field of heath in the middle of winter. Wandering in the moonlit night …. the freezing cold, the soft cracking of snow. I just had to catch that feeling in a haiku …
Here is another version:
a cold moonlit night
just the sound of fresh fallen snow –
wandering over the moors
© Chèvrefeuille