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Daily Archives: December 13, 2014


Northern Lights as seen from the Northern Provinces of The Netherlands

from the post on Carpe Diem Haiku Kai


My response to the prompt:


Northern Lights

bright madras palette

sky in jewel tones 

royal colors blanket earth 

Wise Men travel bringing gifts



….our prompt for today, Northern Light (Aurora Borealis), extracted from Jane Reichhold’s saijiki

“A Dicitionary of Haiku”.

This month all the prompts are modern kigo (seasonwords) for winter and Jane has gathered a lot of them.

Here is the haiku which she shared for “Northern Lights”:

Northern Lights
a white robed choir sings
to radio static

© Jane Reichhold


A beauty I think … it’s so well build and in tune with the time of year.

This haiku brings a church choir in mind as I know them from the Gospel choirs or Pentacostal Church, enjoying their belief in praising the Lord and that joy and praise becomes even stronger as I see the Northern Lights in front of my mind’s eyes. Gorgeous and such a great image … wow!

Thanks Jane for this wonderful haiku….have sought in my archive and found the following cascading haiku on Auruora Borealis:

treat of Mother Earth
coloring the skies
Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis
a palette of colors
treat of Mother Earth

© Chèvrefeuille