Winter Wonderland


Winter Wonderland
by seaside ~ beauty in frost
red berries tempt birds
sea smoke glows
red lobster boats peak thru
red lobster boats
reflections skim the ice
wait in frozen waters
fishermen mend nets
prepare for warmer days
winter’s warmer days 
sun on cold waters ~ clear ice
joy on the sea
Snowmen are Captains
wreaths ~ holiday lights cheer
Winter Wonderland
evergreens dressed in glistening white
camellia red cardinals 
sea smoke glows
red lobster boats on white ice

The prompt by

This week I love to challenge you all a bit more to write a short chained poem

with a maximum of eight stanza following the classical rules

(5-7-5; 7-7; 5-7-5; 7-7; 5-7-5; 7-7; 5-7-5; 7-7)

and your last stanza (classically called “ageku”)

has to close the chain by associating on the first stanza.

Of course you don’t need to use the classical syllables count, but that’s up to you.
Not an easy task I think, but therefore I give you all 24 hours instead of 18 hours … So you have to write a chained poem (Renga) of maximum eight (8) stanza inspired on the image and the prompt WINTER WONDERLAND within 24 hours.

What a wonderful winterland don’t you think too? Look at the snow and that gorgeous color of the Camelia must be a source of inspiration for you all.