Advent Candles at St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, December 21,2014. Ellsworth, Maine, USA

(c) Saradunn


my response to the prompt:


church and home 

advent wreath


 our host writes:

….today we will have candles for prompt.

Candles are bringing light, warmth, joy, peace and romance.

I can see myself in front of the fireplace on a deerskin,

a nice glass of Gluhwein, candlelight, sweet music on the background

and the one I love close to me … sharing her love and warmth with me.

Outside snow is falling and garden lights burning ….

at the other side of the street …

the doors of the church are open and awaiting the people to celebrate Christmas …

As I was preparing this episode a haiku by Buson came to mind,

but I had to change it a bit to fit Christmas, but here is the original first:

Lighting one candle
with another candle–
spring evening
© Buson
This one could be easily be for Easter,
but we have Christmas within a few days
so I have adjusted it to this time of year:
lighting one candle
with another candle –
Christmas Eve
© Chèvrefeuille
Christmas is coming closer
and I am looking forward to what it will bring us all ….
Just enjoy Christmas
and remember the true meaning of it ….by