wind swept leaves
a stop at mill pond
sudden arctic night
traveling on water
frozen in ice


TPOS: traveling by water

(Wings and Waves Waterpark) Gary Blankenship prompt




TPOS tanka prompt March 24, 2015 traveling by water

(Wings and Waves Waterpark) Gary


It’s spring break in this part of Oregon

and we are entertaining our grandchildren

as the weather allows.

Sunday was bowling

and yesterday the indoor water park at McMinnville

– next to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum.

(Including Spruce Goose).

The water park has a large wave pools

and 4 slides coming from a Boeing 747 on the roof – 

one with a funnel. 


Something for all ages. 

BTW a water museum and café are included. 

Our kids had oodles of fun. 

What are your experiences with water parks and play – 

pools slides Rapids and rafting. 

How wet your tanka will get.


Gary Blankenship's photo.
Gary Blankenship's photo.