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My response to the prompt:

sunlit ferns
lily of the valley peek
buttercups salute




My morning greeting leaving the house…

the sun on the ferns, lily of the valley and

buttercups… a moment in time


The prompt:

.Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Another week has gone by and it’sALREADY Wednesday again …

time for a new episode of Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu

(our former Ghost Writer feature).

This week I have chosen to do a new episode of our CD Distillation feature

in which the goal is to distill haiku (or tanka) from a other (longer) poem.

And this week I have chosen for

a poem by Raymond A. Foss

titled “Translucent Ferns”:


The melting frost
ablaze in the warming
the wetness of the morning
changing the light

The ferns turned
from green to brown
from summer to autumn
but in the morning translucent
lit from behind

As the frost bleeds away
the lobes of the fern turned
warming in the light
of the autumn morning
as I rush on by

© Raymond A. Foss

Raymond has given me permission to use his poem

and he even send me a haiku he wrote after this poem,

a kind of distillation as is the goal for this week’s

Tokubetsudesu episode:

The ferns alive, clear
translucent before dying
almost likeWINDOWS

© Raymond A Foss


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