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My Response to the Prompt


man’s will to survive
strong at the broken places
man made walls crumble




I was a senior in High School when the Berlin Wall went up.

It was for me unimaginable to think what it would be like and

of being behind a wall I could see where I want to be

and not being able to get across it in any way.  You can’t get ther

from here.  

The heart break and suffering of those left behind …

trying to put my self in that place.  And wonder if I, myself,

would be strong at the broken places of my heart and soul





The prompt:

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Our time challenging feature for this Sunday, June 28th, Time Glass, is The Wall Berlin. Why? My youngest son was at Berlin this weekend, because a friend of him has his bachelor-party there. They had fun and unknowingly he (and his friends) brought me this Time Glass prompt. You have just 24 hours to respond on the prompt given, The Wall Berlin, and the given photo with a haiku. Have fun!

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