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Monthly Archives: September 2016


shop local day
hot stuff ~ glass blowing
off beaten path
glass ~ heat ~ breath of air
watching magic happen
TPOS prompt: happy ending
Photos: (c) 2015 Saradunn
Atlantic Art Glass, Ellsworth, Maine
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For most of 72 years,
I thought that all would be gold
if I could just be like what my Mother expected.
No matter how I tried, I failed.
It dawned on me, recently, that my Mother,
a city girl, meant well,
but I was not off her spool of thread in many ways.
The traits she tried to change,
to be more like her and the women of her family tree
… and I thought I COULD do it,
were fighting the threads of another spool.
My father’s family, were farm people with great intelligence
hard workers with a love of the land.
You can see it in my generation of descendants and the next ones.
perfection the goal
work harder to please~ to no avail
Mother’s heart broke
city girl with country roots
authentic self must fight to rise
prompt: “Threads of Fate”
fabric art by Cindy Rinne