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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Tom visits today
his smiling face warming
cold snap arriving
timing everything
skies speak volumes
TPOS prompt: Drastic life event:
nursing home for rehab 2016
Photo: (c) 2016 Saradunn
flowers from Tom Taylor-Lash


practice not so hot
cheerleaders shake pom poms
tourney time
Paul Bunyan ~ Meet and greet
spring break tradition
TPOS prompt: September 20, 2015
old friends, meeting, remembering, hearts together
photo: pinterest
Paul Bunyan statue, Bangor Maine USA

mom and cub search
tree with window seat
bears picnic
perch next to picture window
treats left for those bringing joy
Years ago, a lady would feed the
animals that roamed her wooded
property. She could see them safely
from inside thru a picture window.
Part of the caregivers duties was
to place treats for the different
creatures in specific spots for them
to enjoy.
TPOS: Bears February 10, 2016
Photo: shutterstock

Sigrid Saradunn Poet
February 10, 2016 ยท

Memorial poem for Lucy, the grand-cat, a Halloween
treat.. or is it trick ? ten years ago. She belonged to
my youngest grand-daughter and had to stay behind when
the family moved to Texas in 2010. Lucy aka Smeeks, then
lived with my ex-hubby #2.
I learned a lot about being a more loving person from Lucy.
The time near
Escape planned
fast as a bunny
ninth life wanes
rainbow peace

TPOS prompt: April 8, 2015 your animal(s)
that give you comfort and inspiration (childhood, or now)
photo: (c) 2015 an origianal 4″ x 4″ acrylic painting
by Brina DeBeck

wrote every day
first born son
tears on her pillow
never on the letter
TPOS prompt: letters journey
photo: free use image

a clue to past
love note
the one that got away
before she married gramps
TPOS: letters journey
photo: free use image

Yukon to Andes
twilight time calls from cat nap
night owl
puma ~ panther ~ cougar
your mother knows your name
TPOS prompt: cougar
thanks Gary and Adam for the inspiration
to see if I could find all the names for
cougar since in the Guinness book of Records
for most names for an animal…
getting close !
photo: free use image

close encounter
baby blues deceptive
hear the scream
pitter patter of cubs feet
mom’s gone a huntin’~ play time
TPOS prompt: cougar
thanks Gary and Adam for the inspiration
photo: free use image

The events in Vegas on October I, 2017
did not remain in Vegas ~ word spread fast.
Young and old, rich and poor, strangers, friends or family.
no discrimination of color, religion or national origin.
Heroes and angels, visitors and locals
appeared out of the crowd and town.
cherita form
may they find peace of mind or rest in peace
despicable evil
heart wrenching pain
unspeakable flashbacks
our flag weeps
TPOS prompt: sad memories
photo: Oct 4, 2017 Saradunn
Ellsworth, Maine, City Hall Flag
at half staff

gleaming limited
peck and search
lunch on ground floor
note: “snowbirds” a word play on
the people who go to warmer climes for the winter
and we call them “snowbirds” in Maine.
the geese come to Maine from Canada as their warmer climate

    TPOS prompt: microcosm

photo: (c) 2015 Saradunn
Canadian Geese at the Somesville, Maine library