July 9, 2011 re-post
Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.
Friends from nursing school.
It takes work to maintain friendships
and when I was sick or depressed
I didn’t take the effort to keep up with them as they moved.
A shame.
And the military friendships, especially Kathy.
We moved with our husband’s
as they got orders to far away (from each other…Kathy and myself).
We wandered Puerto Rico,
who would think two small cars could put so much mileage
on … about 20,000 miles…
on a small island.
There were multiple trips a day,
returning to our homes on the base
with our groceries, packages,
then going out again.
Minds on the same wave length,
we laughed,
played cards…
with other wives,
as two couples,
shared adventures.
Now I wonder in my heart of hearts,
is she okay,
has her marriage flourished,
her child, maybe children,
grown like mine,
grandchildren maybe.
I think of her often.
Does she remember me?
Does she think of me?
I send a prayer her way
as I write this…
for health and happiness,
Peace and Love