Saturday Centus: “…I’m not getting any younger…”
July 17, 2011
The hair is gray,

eyes see true..

cataracts are gone !

Mental pauses,

names escape me,

two canes,

a walker with a seat,

my wheelchair goes everywhere..

.“…I’m not getting any younger…”

Update for February 2018
Time flies
body changes or not…
still amazed with the vision
cataract surgery can give
No more curls
and sprinkled more with gray.
Looking more like my grandmother
looking back at me.
Walking not as nimble
unless wit “speed wagon”
my walker.
Ice and snow frighten me
two walking sticks the rule
if going out the door
in winter
The Senior Center across the street
hand dandy for exercise and meals.
Writing group still meets,
tho most of the names have changed.
Death stalked us last year
and threw me for a loop.
New crosswalk light
convenient for me…
right at the end of my path
easy to get where I am going
as long as I watch to see
the traffic sees the light.
Mental pauses
still the same …
now see the humor since
this is now the “real me”
and others either don’t remember
the “old me
I’ve been this way since
I met them.