August 10, 2011 re-post
Guilty pleasure:
art supplies.
How boring can that be
but not for me…
lots of colors,
plain, fancy, iridescent, duochrome,
I love metallic …copper…most of all.
bold and pastel,
all the colors of the rainbow, sky, water and earth.
The feel of the different papers,
slick, soft, rough, silky, metallic,
Handmade, machine made, cut in different shapes.
Candy wrappers,
wrapping paper,
catalogs in bright colors…
and National Graphic.
Cat treat bags that look like patent leather.
transparent and opaque.
There are oils,
acrylics, watercolor paints.
pastels, of all different uses.
markers..oh, the choices we have
…thank you Crayola,
adults love you too.
pens, thick, thin and ultra-thin.
And don’t ask me how many paint
brushes and palette knives are made,
I haven’t bought them all…
Can you tell that I have no idea
how much guilty pleasure
I have stashed.
Oh, I love my art supplies…
photo: artisansantafe.com