Downtown Ellsworth, a historic theater, two blocks both side of shops and offices.


A different view of the view of Mount Desert Island that people pay so much to see either with summer homes or visiting.


The view

Large and small,
I would think that
most would think of
big cities with
huge buildings and
lots of stores and
My city,
Ellsworth, Maine,
has 7,000 +
two blocks of downtown,
and the big boxes at the
edge of two small malls.
It is called the
Crossroads of Downeast Maine,
because you have to go thru
here to go anywhere “there”.
One has to ignore…
if you know the way,
the strip of stores
that I fear will string
from Bangor to Bar Harbor
one day,
right thru my tiny city
by the ocean.
I have tasted the
“real” cities
that people speak of,
that I long to visit,
and then come back
to my tiny city by
the ocean.
My life living on the
outskirts of Tokyo
and Yokohama,
was a fantasy life,
unusual houses,
a view of Mt Fuji
from my driveway.
Stores with signs
I couldn’t read,
with foods I wasn’t
supposed to buy.
black lacquer ware,
and brocades.
Medieval castles
from long ago,
samueri and emperors,
sumo wrestlers,
Geisha’s and warlords
memories of the past.
Modern day
adults and children
special days and holidays,
visiting the temples
in their finest
visiting the temples
reminders of the past.
Old San Juan
was much the same,
El Morro Castle
and a trip to the past,
as one walks thru
the cobble stone streets.
The narrow streets,
wrought iron fences,
adorned with flowers,
I must admit,
my favorite memory
was my visit to
the Bacardi factory,
the day the bottler
thru bottles
everywhere !
The Rain Forest,
with a giant waterfall,
lush greenery,
pristine beaches with
palm trees
and flowers I’d only
seen in photos
I dream of trips to
to Amsterdam,
to Greece
Then back
to my little city
by the ocean.

photos: Saradunn 2011