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Daily Archives: May 10, 2018

30 Days of Inspiration

Day 05- A


Dear Beth,

Thank you, Beth,

short in stature,

tall in courage.

A dwarf,

a few days younger than me,

now gone,

but not forgotten.


You taught me about loyalty

and letting people know

who you are and what you

stand for.

Your bust of JFK was

a clue the moment

I entered your home ☺.


Your sense of humor about life

and having fun and acceptance

of circumstances of your birth…

I remember you telling me,

“I taught kindergarten,

we were the same size…”

and laughed !


I cannot imagine still having humor

after an accident left you without

your legs and wheelchair bound,

but you continued your selfless

cheerleading those around you

to persevere by example.

Your faith in Jesus,

the Holy Spirit,


and your fellow man

never seemed to waiver.


You loved your family

more than words could say.

So proud you were of their


large and small.


Fighting for what was right when

circumstances turned against

you and someone you trusted

tried controlling your fate,

was awe inspiring.

Short in stature,

tall in inner strength.


Beth you are.

now an angel, I’m sure.

you taught me to do what it takes,

to live life to the fullest,

no matter what it takes,

no matter what anyone else



You taught me

by example,

what a woman of

courage and faith

looks like.


I miss you.

Think of you often,

Quote you endlessly.


Peace and love,




Small stones: a journey of mindfulness
April 8 ·


she is the glue
that holds the family
and friends
it was thought she would
live forever
we’d all go go
to the great beyond before her
soon we all, her family,
and, us, the multitudes of friends,
will be learning our dear friend
is now our guiding star.
she is prepared
she knows
bitter sweet
Joan went to her Forever Home April 13, 2018

Joan, a long time friend,
died before before we were prepared …
we thought she’d be with us 2 decades more..
but on God’s time on April 13, 2018 at age 78.
Her Celebration of Life was May 5, 2018.
A remarkable woman of faith she humbly demonstrated
and never flaunted. Just lived as she thought
as a follower of Jesus, she should.
Loving 3/4/5 year olds she ran Sunshine Pre-School
and then at the YMCA day care.
A life time Girl Scout from age 6.
Her husband adored her to the end.
A wonderful mother, grand-mother, and great-grandmother
to a family of 15 … her legacy will live on thru them
and the multitudes of friends that will follow her teachings
as a church school teacher, and an Episcopal Deacon for 15 years.
Thru the next weeks, I will share memories of Joan,
Ralph, her husband, her children, and grands…
thru my memories being blessed to have known her since
the early 1970’s.
Rest in Peace, Dear Joan.
No longer in pain,
reunited with loved ones
gone before you.
Amen ! Hallelujah !