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Daily Archives: May 31, 2018

thinking back forty eight years of Earth Day
we clean up the earth one day a year
seems like it should be every day every year
back in the days long forgotten or past history to some
people of the Great Depression were frugal ~
Use It Up, Wear It Out and Make It Do
I think the idea of what century versus which decade makes me feel old 🙂 I think it was in the early 1990s that my friend Joan and I did an Earth Day Presentation with t-shirts with the
quote in the photo, if I recall right.
It was great fun working Joan and my styles together..
the Energizer Bunny (Joan) and the Tortoise (myself).
“Forget not
that the earth delights
to feel your bare feet,
and the winds long
to play with your hair.”
— Kahlil Gibran
Remember, in Joan’s honor, we can leave the earth cleaner than we found it every day of our lives.
TPOS prompt cherita form: Earth Day
free use photo


weather whether we want it or not
above the altar and wrought iron cross
stained glass window opportunity
seeing the seasons change
Mother Nature the best artist
an eagle flew by
Remembering, my friend, Joan,
is always with us in spirit no matter the season.

Joan Preble March 23, 1940 – April 13, 2018

cherita form
TPOS prompt 10/2017 Gerry Muse #77 creation

deep freeze in Maine
sunshine arrives at my door
colorful tulips
with instructions as follows
paint watercolor portrait
For my February birthday, Joan would find tulips in one of the stores, give them to me and I would do paintings of them. Tulips, with sunflowers (her favorite flower) will always bring a “remembering Joan” smile to my heart and soul.
TPOS prompt: April 6, 2014 … spring flowers
remembering Joan Preble 1940 -2018
photo: (c) February 2014 Saradunn

garden path honors shade trees
sun seldom filters thru ~ what plants would grow
chose plants to thrive ~ garden art
small space garden with beautiful path
place to pause ~ reflect walking by
meditation garden
Remembering Joan’s meditation garden …
a work of her love and creative spirit shared with those
who did their daily runs/walks along Union Street.
A place to sit, rest and reflect before going on their journey.
I love the way Joan chose carefully what to include and best home for each plant or garden art.
The struggle over the leaves had us laughing in retrospect, but a hurdle to over come.

TPOS prompt: favorite garden path
cherita form
photo: (c) August 13th, 2013 Saradunn
Prebles 50th Wedding Anniversary

the dice game
friends and family gather
home made ice cream
dice all colors shapes sizes
toddlers choice
A fond memory of my friend, Joan, at whose
house everyone gathered for holidays,
birthdays, any event that spelled party.
On New Year’s Eve, the dice were spilled
on to the table … awesome array of choices.
Any age can play … the toddlers learn their
numbers and laugh as they assist the others
play (there are HUGE dice that are safe for
toddlers and young children.)

While we played, the ice cream maker was
churning away on the back stoop. So yummy
after the game is finished.

TPOS prompt: October 21, 2017: Gerry Muse #79 play
photo: (c) Saradunn 12/31/2012

humble ways
faithful servant to her Lord
little children learned from her
parents and grandparents from them
Joan touched so many lives
every day in her humble way.
It will take Joan’s village of people to carry on
learn to carry on her work and legacy.
I feel blessed for having known Joan
Many, myself included
found themselves a better person
in the presence a someone living
by their faith without question.
TPOS prompt life changes . December 2016
photo: free use image

January 18, 2018 posted TPOS
sometimes gradually
maybe over night
roles reverse ~
today a new universe
life has new meaning
for Joan Preble / written after chemo started.
I waited a while before posting it,
the truth was too hard to bear.
The enegizer bunny had batteries to re-charge.
Hope against hope,
the caregiver became the care receiver.

TPOS prompt: July 19, 2016 …….. life changes
photo: Saradunn 8/2017