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# 1 photo: Tiffany Stained Glass Window
For Annie Kane 1926
One of tryptic:
Alpha: Angel of the Nativity


# 2 photo: The small intimate chapel to the left of the main altar
inside St. Saviour’s Episcopal Church, Bar Harbor, ME

Last week, I went to St. Saviours Episcopal Church in
Bar Harbor, primarily to hear Chimesmaster Ilia Karp play
St. Saviour’s bells church bells.
I planned enough time to walk thru the church
and take time looking at the stained glass windows.
Joan, myself and often Ralph with us,
over the years spent many occasions at the church
for various programs.
The window that I have here is the one that started me
down memory lane about the times at the church with Joan.
It is near the front door and amazing. Another particular
space was the small chapel where Joan and I had attended,
I believe it was Morning Prayer, during a workshop.
The feeling of intimacy and the Holy Spirit is what I recall now.
Carillon bells
heard over the village
Amazing Grace
memories stirred
sentimental journey
written June 13, 2018 // Joan died April 13, 2018
TPOS prompt: June 29 tanka prose
TPOS prompt: February 4 2013 memory/experience

# 1 photo: Tiffany Stained Glass Window
For Annie Kane 1926
One of tryptic:
Alpha: Angel of the Nativity
# 2 photo: The small intimate chapel to the left of the main altar
inside St. Saviour’s Episcopal Church, Bar Harbor, ME


via She is a legacy

Stacey Stevens wrote:
.This post is dedicated to a very special woman in my life. As a young child, she was my role model at St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church. I always looked forward to seeing her. She taught me the sacraments and how to be an altar girl. I couldn’t wait to be old enough to be in her Sunday school class. She was my girls nursery school and YMCA daycare teacher. They grew up loving her and calling her Mimi. She was everyone’s Mimi.

She is a legacy.

She had a laugh that was so joyful you knew it was for real. I don’t think I ever saw a day she didn’t smile. She prayed for me and encouraged me. She never judge me and always made me feel like part of her family. Even our phone numbers were one digit off.”….



Acrylic 6″ h x 12″ w,
The day was bright, sunny and breezy.
To me this looks cold and brisk now.
Private collection — with Sorrento, ME, Vagabonds, Plein Aire Group and Cataract Painting.

Have You Seen…
Have you seen
my “Helen Keller” paintings?
They are called that because
back in the day you could
tell without seeing,
by touch,
what the painting is.
These days,
my paintings are more
but still
rough and bumpy,
palette knives and fingers,
forming visions of
waves, froth, mountains,
rocks and sand.
Sometimes a surface
gives paint
a mind of its own,
rough or bumpy,
scratchy or
slick as satin.
Come see my paintings
where brush strokes
and knife marks rule.
On rough canvas,
or slick, slippery plastic.
Enjoy the feel of a
sometimes it’s a mood,
touching the heart
or soul;
sometimes a touch,
the artist made strokes
creating images
and feelings
only you know where
they come from.

30 Days of Inspiration 8/18/2011 // Day 06- Earliest thing you can remember .
August 18, 2011

The earliest thing I can remember

is the color red.

I can see it in my minds eye.


My mother said it was because

when we lived in Thief River Falls,

around the age of 3 or 4,

I decided to color the white kitchen cabinets

red with a red crayon !


She told me she had me scrub

the cupboard doors

to get the crayon off,


If that isn’t the earliest


I do remember in grade school,

in Ashland, Wisconsin,

looking at the sky,

it was a bright red,

and there was a huge fire across town

I was told.


But in my heart of hearts,


I deeply think I have a memory

of my sister Vicky

being born

and dying a month later.


I was 3 that week.



I’m sorry I decided to look this up…beyond belief… I am so hoping the ones from Woolworth’s were fake ones.

I can’t believe that the rabbits feet we had were REAL…

“First of all, they were genuine rabbits’ feet.
I LOVED rabbits.
Why would I ever want to carry their foot around
on a little metal ball link key chain?
I’m not sure.
Secondly, the feet were dyed very unnatural colors
like turquoise, purple, emerald green and blood . . .
I mean, bright red.
Third, when you reached down
to stroke your lucky foot
to give you some of that good luck,
you could feel the poor,
dead rabbit’s toenails.
And WHY would my parents get me one ?
I was so sure they weren’t real back in the day.
…….June 5, 2018 … sigh. big sigh. Sigrid
Alphabe-Thursday..“R” is for Lucky Rabbit’s Foot 8/18/2011
August 18, 2011

“R” is for Lucky Rabbit’s Foot


Did you ever have…


why did our parents let us

carry a lucky rabbit’s foot

creating superstitious thinking

in our tender minds?


I can remember being in grade school

and it was “The Thing” to carry

a lucky rabbit’s foot key chain.


Somewhere, somehow,

I found out that it was

supposedly a REAL rabbit’s foot !

In particular, the left hind foot !

ewwww !


I’m sure that I had

a faux rabbit’s foot keychain

bought at my dad’s

F.W. Woolworth Store.


But at the time, I was SURE some poor

rabbit, sacrificed his life, on a full moon,

in a cemetery,

on Friday the 13 th.




Well, maybe…Where’s your rabbit foot

you got in grade school hiding?



Little faces seen clearly now

For Monday Morning Prompt…Contrast;….To See or Not to See…8/17/2011
August 17, 2011
To See or not to See

I always thought
my sight was good…
not excellent, but as good
as anyone’s.
There was a question
in my mind,
even with glasses,
how someone could
see birds in the trees,
deer in the forest,
four leaf clovers,
figured it was just me
and it was just an occasional
life got irritating.
Lights weren’t bright enough,
why didn’t the people at
my daughter’s new apt
make the driveway more
And eventually,
I couldn’t get my sunglasses
clean enough….
and threw them across the car
never to wear them again.
I went to the eye doctor.
New glasses would take
care of the problem.
This was after
I kept going by my daughter’s
driveway and one granddaughter said
“let me out here, I can walk back”
after three passes and missing each time.
The younger had a friend in the car
and as we got up to the entrance to
the apartment complex,
she turned to her friend and said,
“Don’t worry, Nana’s blind ! “
(made sense to them !).
Like looking thru waxed paper was the
not new glasses.
In three weeks,
a miracle.
“blind as a bat”.
“I can see clearly now !”
WoW !

self prompt: thank you
long three weeks
waiting for final goodbyes
memories swarmed
the kindness of friends
sharing my loss together
I started daily thoughts in
writing thinking it would be for a few days.
It turned out to be three weeks until the memorial
service for a close friend.

The day of Joan’s (Mimi’s) memorial service seemed
to be fitting, not for ending, but letting go for now.
Thanks to all who read my posts and wrote kind notes.
Peace and love to all.

rainbows after storms
sunbeams and twinkling stars
whisper of a breeze
dragonflies and butterflies
lady bugs bringing luck
rest in Peace, dear Joan
reminders of you in nature
give all comfort
you’re here with us in spirit
from your Forever Home
Amen. Hallelujah !!!
TPOS prompt: May 3 rainbow Sandi Pray
photo taken at the Ellsworth Waterfront Park
(c) 7/30/2005 Saradunn

marriage well lived ~ love to last breath
husband and wife start as two
become matriarch and patriarch
have legacy of seventeen ~ nineteen with them
through thick and thin ~ in sickness and health
though parted by death ~ still together in spirit
TPOS cherita form ~ May 20, 2016 prompt: “quiet affection….”

photo: Joan and Ralph, April 1, 2018
Married August 10, 1963
Joan ~ born March 21, 1940 ~ Died April 13, 2018

always young at heart
not a surprise to see Mimi rolling along
all decked out in safety gear

laughing all the way
when we hear thunder in the sky
maybe it is Mimi roller blading across the sky
……….cherita form
One of my favorite memories of Joan (Mimi)
was the grand-children helping her put the skates on,
the knee pads an helmet …
skating from the kitchen thru the dining room and beyond.
TPOS August 2016 prompt: the unexpected
…………cherita form
photo; Saradunn 3/21/1999