teacher’s passion expanding children’s world
pre-school kids paint the Old Master’s
Sunflowers, Rainbow Bridge, Starry Starry Night
Picasso and Michelangelo, flowers and self-portraits
excitement at the Museum of Art
accurately recogonizing artists, adults amazed
My dear friend, Joan Preble, had exhibits
in the Library where local artists would display their
works of art
Threre would be an opening with newspaper announcements,
and a reception exactly like for the professional artists.

Joan taught the students about what the
artists life at the pre-school ages may have
been like if she couldn’t find any informaton
about them….and she taped paper UNDER the tables
so the young artists could relate to what it would have
felt like for Michelangelo to lay on his back to paint t
he ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
TPOS prompts:Dec 2016 : how you can make a difference
… teaching children…. cherita form
The photos are from one of the Pre-school artist
exhibits that Joan curated in the early 2000’s.