Remembering Joan
Joan, teacher to all ages ~ especially the young
loved the stories from the Bible

The Nativity story dear to her
Noah’s Ark a favorite
she firmly belived God’s promises kept
……………………… (cherita form)
Joan’s sermon’s always well prepared and delivered.
Not to be missed… the message and how she kept
our attention.
Between her sermons, adult ed at church, Church School,
Sunshine Nursery School, the Girl Scouts
… and special
presentations Joan taught untold numbers of people about
her faith, in word and how she lived her life.
3. Joan, Christmas 2003, ready for the Nativity pageant.
2. Noah’s Ark in my kitchen window… don’t even know how long..decades..
always think of Joan when I look at it
3. The Nativity book that I remember Joan getting so excited
about … she loved the story all her life and this was a modern
take on illustrations

TPOS prompt: November 8, 2014 …the loss of a friend
Cherita form