Little faces seen clearly now

For Monday Morning Prompt…Contrast;….To See or Not to See…8/17/2011
August 17, 2011
To See or not to See

I always thought
my sight was good…
not excellent, but as good
as anyone’s.
There was a question
in my mind,
even with glasses,
how someone could
see birds in the trees,
deer in the forest,
four leaf clovers,
figured it was just me
and it was just an occasional
life got irritating.
Lights weren’t bright enough,
why didn’t the people at
my daughter’s new apt
make the driveway more
And eventually,
I couldn’t get my sunglasses
clean enough….
and threw them across the car
never to wear them again.
I went to the eye doctor.
New glasses would take
care of the problem.
This was after
I kept going by my daughter’s
driveway and one granddaughter said
“let me out here, I can walk back”
after three passes and missing each time.
The younger had a friend in the car
and as we got up to the entrance to
the apartment complex,
she turned to her friend and said,
“Don’t worry, Nana’s blind ! “
(made sense to them !).
Like looking thru waxed paper was the
not new glasses.
In three weeks,
a miracle.
“blind as a bat”.
“I can see clearly now !”
WoW !