I’m sorry I decided to look this up…beyond belief… I am so hoping the ones from Woolworth’s were fake ones.

I can’t believe that the rabbits feet we had were REAL…

“First of all, they were genuine rabbits’ feet.
I LOVED rabbits.
Why would I ever want to carry their foot around
on a little metal ball link key chain?
I’m not sure.
Secondly, the feet were dyed very unnatural colors
like turquoise, purple, emerald green and blood . . .
I mean, bright red.
Third, when you reached down
to stroke your lucky foot
to give you some of that good luck,
you could feel the poor,
dead rabbit’s toenails.
And WHY would my parents get me one ?
I was so sure they weren’t real back in the day.
…….June 5, 2018 … sigh. big sigh. Sigrid
Alphabe-Thursday..“R” is for Lucky Rabbit’s Foot 8/18/2011
August 18, 2011

“R” is for Lucky Rabbit’s Foot


Did you ever have…


why did our parents let us

carry a lucky rabbit’s foot

creating superstitious thinking

in our tender minds?


I can remember being in grade school

and it was “The Thing” to carry

a lucky rabbit’s foot key chain.


Somewhere, somehow,

I found out that it was

supposedly a REAL rabbit’s foot !

In particular, the left hind foot !

ewwww !


I’m sure that I had

a faux rabbit’s foot keychain

bought at my dad’s

F.W. Woolworth Store.


But at the time, I was SURE some poor

rabbit, sacrificed his life, on a full moon,

in a cemetery,

on Friday the 13 th.




Well, maybe…Where’s your rabbit foot

you got in grade school hiding?